TRU Potential is a program that focuses on an individual finding their TRU Potential (The Real U Potential). Once one knows who they are and what their purpose is; when life sends its challenges, one is better able to overcome these challenges because one understands themselves and their capabilities. Our program combines social media with thought provoking conversations and exercises that integrates participant interaction to help develop the individual’s awareness about themselves. It provides an opportunity for each participant to take a retrospective and introspective look at themselves.


Identity is the greatest stumbling block to achieving one’s success. If one does not know who they are then it is impossible to move forward. Who am I in relation to “me” the individual; who am I when it comes to a group, community, or society as a whole? Once one can answer these questions then one is able to assert themselves in society.

At TRU Potential, we understand that people can be disengaged when they do not know who they are, nor know what their goals, their dreams or know their purpose.  A disengaged person is likely to make unhealthy choices.  At TRU Potential, we have created a solid foundation to assist individuals to determine who they are and what they are passionate about and how they go about utilizing this newfound knowledge. Knowing what you bring to the worlds table is empowering



Our workshops are value packed for positive change. The information shared is transferable as it entails significant lifestyle changes. The TRU Potential experience and material will make a positive impact and can be utilized at various stages of one’s life. Once an individual has identified who they are, this awareness will equip and expand on their current and new skill sets which in turn will motivate them to achieve their goals, dreams, and passions! The information shared is transparent, transferable, relevant, empowering, and impactful; it instills hope and is timely; it will lead to profound individual change. This change will propel an individual into their next level!



TRU Potential provides the building blocks to living one’s ultimate goals, dreams, and passions. We are here to assist, support and empower as you explore, enhance, strengthen, and capitalize on your skills and capabilities. The value of the information is priceless as skills obtained can easily be transferred into other areas of life.

At TRU Potential we focus on providing tools and resources to foster evolving individual growth and development.

Components of the program:

Group interaction
Exercise material

Coaching and Mentoring
Connecting individuals to appropriate resources and supports.

Program Outline
Each workshop has 3-components that are interconnected and are to be completed in 11-sessions.


Who Are Our Clients?

  • Youth and adults seeking personal growth and development.
  • Disengaged youth and adults.
  • Diversion programs
  • Youth and adults in a period of transition (life and/or career)
  • Corporations seeking to improve productivity in their workforce.
  • New immigrants
  • Governmental and Non-Governmental Institutions (correctional, educational, community groups, and churches)



Phone: 647-282-0050 

TRU Potential

Our mission is to provide a supportive atmosphere for individuals to interact and engage in their own personal growth and development. A TRU Potential workshop is a fun, educational and self-reflective opportunity for growth and development.

Our goal is to assist both adults and youth in realizing their strengths and abilities through group interaction, open dialogue, strategic questions and exercises. 

Individuals are encouraged and empowered to look closely at themselves and come up with strategic opportunities and alliances that will assist them in achieving their personal and professional goals.