What is the size of a workshop?

A typical workshop have a maximum of 15 people per workshop (individual and social services workshops). Corporate workshops are dependent on the needs of the corporation.

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Who can attend a workshop?

A TRU Potential workshop can be attended by anyone; from a youth 13 to 19, a young adult 20 to 30, to  adult 31 to 60 to a senior. The ages we’ve listed out represent different stages of our life. At these different stages we have different concerns, needs and passions. What you believe you want or need at 13 is different when you reach 19, 25, 30, 40, 50 or even 60+. A TRU Potential workshop offers you the opportunity to take a snapshot of your life in real-time. Are you happy with where you are at or do you need to make some adjustments? Seldom as life is happening in real-time do you get an opportunity to reflect and adjust / change directions. TRU Potential offers you that time and space to do just that. Picture sitting down with a group of friends including food and drinks and a safe space — what you have is a TRU Potential workshop.

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What is included in a TRU Potential workshop?

Food and beverages are included with all TRU Potential workshops
All workshops come with:
Ø Workshop Material
Ø Videos
Ø Support
Ø A safe space for you to do some self-examination
Also include:
Ø One-on-one individual sessions
Ø A presentation session
Ø A graduation (graduates receive a certificate of completion and a gift)

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What is the duration of the workshop?

Typical workshop runs for three (3) hours at a time.
There are typically 10 sessions + a graduation.
The Graduation is an opportunity to celebrate your successful completion.

For corporate workshops; length and duration can be adjusted to meet the needs of the corporation.

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What topics are covered in the workshop?

The TRU Potential curriculum covers three areas: Identity, Motivate and achieve
For corporate sessions and social services sessions the curriculum  can be modified to meet the needs of the client/organization. Corporate programs are developed based on the needs of the organization.

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Where are the workshops held?

The workshops can be held at your place of business or:
Community Centre
Your home

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What is the cost of a workshop?

Please contact us for pricing for your specific needs

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Phone: 647-282-0050 
Email: info@trupotential.ca

TRU Potential

Our mission is to provide a supportive atmosphere for individuals to interact and engage in their own personal growth and development. A TRU Potential workshop is a fun, educational and self-reflective opportunity for growth and development.

Our goal is to assist both adults and youth in realizing their strengths and abilities through group interaction, open dialogue, strategic questions and exercises. 

Individuals are encouraged and empowered to look closely at themselves and come up with strategic opportunities and alliances that will assist them in achieving their personal and professional goals.