Self-Empowerment & Livelihood Improvement (SLIP)

To solve the complex problems related to poverty, homelessness, and the disenfranchised is a focused strategy to help bring positive change to individuals. The Self-Empowerment & Livelihood Improvement Project (SLIP) involves community partners who share their expertise in the process.
The desired outcome is for each individual to acquire life skills and confidence that can be applied in a variety of life situations long-term. This approach allows for partnership coordination and capacity building that will be replicated in other communities across the GTA and Ontario.

SLIP is a personal development program that provides coaching, educational
training, and access to livelihood resources. This program aims to build
capacity for our community’s vulnerable and marginalized.


SLIP’s personal development workshops focus on a variety of subjects that allows participants to come away with a deeper understanding of themselves, their values, beliefs, and the purpose they wish to pursue. In addition, participants will achieve clarity, focus, and actionable momentum and a newfound sense of capabilities.


Workshop sessions provide general education, social skills, employment preparedness, financial literacy, and money management, as well as vocational training. The goal of the workshops is to enable program participants to access gainful employment or self-employment and become self-sufficient. They become their own personal advocate.


SLIP establishes partnerships and engage with diverse services and support programs in the community with a focus on addressing participants’ needs.
SLIP enables participants to have access to supports to aid in their transition to independence.

SLIP is a sustainable personal development model that provides coaching, educational training, and access to livelihood resources.

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Phone: 647-282-0050 

TRU Potential

Our mission is to provide a supportive atmosphere for individuals to interact and engage in their own personal growth and development. A TRU Potential workshop is a fun, educational and self-reflective opportunity for growth and development.

Our goal is to assist both adults and youth in realizing their strengths and abilities through group interaction, open dialogue, strategic questions and exercises. 

Individuals are encouraged and empowered to look closely at themselves and come up with strategic opportunities and alliances that will assist them in achieving their personal and professional goals.