The TRU Potential workshop included highly relevant and practical information that can be used in my everyday life. I received tools that enabled me to explore my goals and equipped me to be a better person with a vision.

Self employed


After my first session I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the small group setting and interactive material. The home work was nice as it gave me the necessary time to reflect on some of the things we discussed in the group. As the sessions went on I found that I was challenged with the questions I was given as they made me have to dig deep and I started to realize that there were a whole bunch of things I didn’t really know about myself or things that I knew but just pushed aside to go about the daily routine of a busy life.

Logistics operator


What can I say about TRU Potential? Well I can say I’ve got my priorities in order. My renovation business is finally moving along. My family now believes in me because of the road I have chosen thanks to the guidance I was given at TRU Potential.


logistics operator

I find over the past few weeks I have learned a lot, care less about others opinions, focus on solutions instead of the problems, have accomplished more, and feel great! My friendships are also more positive for the most part and I’ve learned to have more patience and assert myself. This group has definitely helped me have more confidence and get out there and start socializing and building success.



Karen’s ease with communicating with the youth is clearly reflected as she presents the workshop and they participate; she has the ability to engage, encourage and empower them to rise to their greatest potential.




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TRU Potential

Our mission is to provide a supportive atmosphere for individuals to interact and engage in their own personal growth and development. A TRU Potential workshop is a fun, educational and self-reflective opportunity for growth and development.

Our goal is to assist both adults and youth in realizing their strengths and abilities through group interaction, open dialogue, strategic questions and exercises. 

Individuals are encouraged and empowered to look closely at themselves and come up with strategic opportunities and alliances that will assist them in achieving their personal and professional goals.